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#NSTviral: Video of MYAirline staff on last day of operation draws attention online

KUALA LUMPUR: While the heat is still on for the suspended MYAirline, with thousands waiting for their refunds, a sombre video on its last day has been making its rounds on social media.

A video believed to have been recorded by one of its staff, Cecilia Thirstcher, on October 11 showed a brief timeline of events, with the first announcement made at 11pm.

According to the information presented in the video, the staff were first told that all flights for Oct 12 had been cancelled.

Then, at 3.30am, they were again told that the company was 'offline' before the staff received the last passengers at 4.37am.

Subsequently, at 7 am, the staff were told to vacate their office, all within a short span of time of less than 24 hours.

The video also showed the staff hard at work on the last day, helping passengers with their luggage as they exited the last MYAirline flight.

This video, which was reposted on a Facebook page, kaki.viral.my, has been liked by more than 15,000 netizens and drew their sympathy.

Among those who commented said:

@_kakakkkk: It's a pity for the staff. Good luck to you. There must be sustenance everywhere. Those who have bought tickets, I feel so sorry for them. Just burn like that... just thinking about people's fate makes me want to cry

@hondaawesome888: Oh God, what will happen to all the workers, what a pity. May God ease your troubles. Aameen

@omma_kd : Hopefully the MyAirlines staff will be blessed with another job to earn an income.

@Haiqal. Iskandar : May God make all the troubles of the MYAirline staff easier. Used MYAirline a few times and never had a problem. The staff are all very nice and helpful.

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