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#NSTviral: Heartfelt video of young boy crying over brother's marriage goes viral

KUALA LUMPUR: A heart-wrenching moment unfolded as a young boy, who had spent his years growing up alongside his brother, found himself in tears upon learning of his brother's recent marriage.

In a 44-second video circulating widely on TikTok, the boy's emotions overflowed as he came to terms with the fact that his brother, now married, would no longer be his everyday companion at home.

The teenager, who spent his days sleeping side by side with his brother, was overwhelmed with sadness as he reflected on the cherished memories that now seemed like distant echoes.

"For 14 years, they slept together in the living room. Now, his brother is married to his partner... Their home isn't far from ours, to be honest.

"Honestly, I also shed tears myself watching this youngest brother," read the caption.

In the video, the newly married brother was seen comforting and embracing his younger sibling amidst the wedding festivities.

Several social media users flooded the comment section, sharing similar experiences of their close siblings who are married and have moved on to start their own lives.

"Only the youngest children know how it feels when their closest sister or brother gets married," said user @erinn.

"I swear, we cried too. That's exactly how I felt when my sister got married, and that's also how I felt when I lost my mom. My mom slept with me from childhood until her last breath. Now, I sleep alone," commented @its'aleyanusairah.

"I feel you. My brother is 18 years older than me. He was the one who took care of me when I was little, going everywhere together. When he got married, it felt so heavy in my heart. But eventually, it's okay," said @sapeeghaa.

"I know how it feels. When my brother got married, it felt incredibly sad. Because he was always there. We would go anywhere together on his motorcycle," remarked @mamafatima.

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