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#NSTviral: Netizens tickled over p-hailing rider's chance meeting with Vincent Tan [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A p-hailing rider's random and unlikely encounter with billionaire Tan Sri Vincent Tan has tickled the funny bone of netizens.

TikTok user @emy_chachacha shared in his video that he had gone to a shop where he was given a free drink, before meeting an 'uncle' that he said looked familiar.

Unbeknown to him, the 'uncle' he met turned out to be Malaysia's most successful businessman.

"Before arriving at the shop, I was surprised to meet this uncle.

"I know I had seen him somewhere before but I could not recall."

He continued to mention that he had jokingly asked for RM100 from this 'uncle'.

"I asked him jokingly, can I borrow RM100? To my surprise he obliged!"

The video then continued with the TikTok user dancing with joy next to Tan.

The clip garnered the attention of netizens who were amused at the antiques of the p-hailing rider.

User @novembergirl7592 commented: "(How could he) straight up borrowed RM100 from Vincent Tan."

Another user @MohdJay said: "This uncle that you met, you could even borrow RM1000 and he could give it away just like that."

Meanwhile, user @LatSaraf commented: "He treated Tan Sri Vincent Tan just like his old school friends…"

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