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#NSTviral: Woman's terrifying encounter with stalker at shopping mall parking lot goes viral [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman took to social media to share her encounter involving a man who had stalked her and acted strangely at a parking lot of a shopping mall.

TikTok user @qstiena_ shared the moment when she was followed by a peculiar man at the parking lot of the mall.

"When I entered the parking lot, I saw this peculiar looking man. I thought he was about to enter the mall but instead he came to my car."

She waited for her friends to arrive, afraid of leaving her car while he lingered outside.

"I remained locked inside the car where I then called my friends, asking them to come to my car as there was a weird man standing nearby."

When her friends arrived, the man approached, claiming to know her and insisting on talking about their purported WhatsApp conversations.

They sought aid from mall security personnel, but language barriers hampered efficient assistance.

Fearing for their safety, they sought refuge in the ladies' room, deeply affected by the distressing situation.

The revelation of the encounter prompted netizens' concern over the security guards at shopping malls as well as @qstiena_'s safety.

@faizalhelmi_82uk commented: "you should always pack a whistle and pepper spray inside your bag."

Another user suggested that she lodge a police report over the harassment.

"Make a police report sis, if he needs psychiatric assessment they can do that," @praveenashanmugam said.

Meanwhile, the shopping mall representative had also replied in the comments section, saying that the incident was being investigated.

"We had also increased car park security immediately and taken steps to ensure this incident is not repeated," it said.

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