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#NSTviral: Cafe QR code switched in payment scam

KUALA LUMPUR: A cafe owner in Seremban found out that her cafe's QR code had been replaced in a fraudulent scheme.

A cafe in Seremban was the focal point of a new scam, details of which were revealed in a recent Facebook post.

The café was fortunate to evade becoming a victim of a scam due to a vigilant customer.

Detailed in her post, the cafe owner recounted how an attentive client observed something dubious while conducting an e-wallet transaction.

Upon closer inspection, it was apparent that the fraudulent QR code had been covertly switched with the cafe's original one, rerouting payments to an unidentified individual's account.

"Such people probably have a lot of TNG stickers on them."

"They most likely use any opportunity to stick one wherever they go," said the owner.

According to China Press, the cafe owner was also pondering the motive behind this behaviour.

It's seemingly more of a setup than a scam, given the simplicity of linking the QR code to a particular person.

Regrettably, the cafe's CCTV system was not operational, leaving the culprit's identity shrouded in mystery.

The occurrence stands as a valuable lesson for business owners navigating the digital landscape. We encourage everyone to remain vigilant despite these emerging scams.

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