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#NSTviral: Another gush of rainwater cascading down Mount Kinabalu summit [NSTTV]

RANAU: Another episode of rainwater cascading down the summit of Mount Kinabalu occurred this morning.

Sabah Parks director Dr Maklarin Lakim said the incident occurred this morning.

"The situation is under control, and all climbers and staff managed to come down safely through the same trail."

He was commenting on Mount Kinabalu's Facebook Post of the incident.

"It is happening today! Mount Kinabalu's transformation into a thundering waterfall is a jaw-dropping testament to the awesome might of Mother Nature! It's a reminder of the critical importance of safety measures for climbers on this astonishing mountain—a vital shield against nature's grandeur!," the page said.

In September, the same phenomenon occurred, whereby there were a total of 115 climbers with 37 mountain guides taking care of them.

On Sept 26, Sabah Parks closed off all climbing routes should heavy rain continue at the summit, starting at midnight for the safety of climbers.

This phenomenon raised concerns among the public who saw the videos, but so far, there have been no reports of accidents or unwanted incidents caused by these natural occurrences.

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