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#NSTviral: Police heroes navigate traffic jam to escort pregnant woman to timely hospital arrival

KUALA LUMPUR: In a heartening incident, three police officers from the Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department (TEID) played a crucial role in ensuring a pregnant woman made it to the hospital just in time to give birth.

TEID said in a Facebook post that the incident occurred at noon when a husband and his pregnant wife were caught in a traffic jam on the highway.

With the wife on the verge of giving birth, the husband sought help, and the TEID officers promptly stepped in.

"The husband then asked for help to escort their car to the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

"Upon arrival at the hospital, the wife received the necessary treatment just in time to welcome their newborn.

"Congratulations to the three traffic officers who are patrolling the New Klang Valley Expressway for helping the road users. Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada (police and the people are inseparable)," read the post status, accompanied by a 46-second video.

Netizens flooded the comment section with gratitude and praise for the officers' compassionate assistance.

User Muhammad wrote: "Alhamdulillah, thank you to the police, especially the officers involved. We make things easier for people. Allah will make things easier for us in the hereafter."

Another user, Mamu Mamufbi, wrote: "Yes, police and the people are inseparable. TEID is the best."

This heartening episode is a testament to the positive impact of police officers going above and beyond to assist and support the community in times of need.

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