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#NSTviral: Netizens mad over viral video showing Toyota Hilux blocking ambulance on a clear highway [Watch]

]KUALA LUMPUR: Netizens are infuriated after a video of a Toyota Hilux pickup truck blocking the path of an ambulance went viral recently.

In a video uploaded on TikTok by user @sjammuar, the truck driver was seen as intentionally obstructing the ambulance even though the highway is clear.

In the one-minute video, it is clear that the driver in question did not yield to the ambulance even though the emergency siren had been sounded several times.

"We were on our way to PPUM (Universiti Malaya Medical Centre) from Muar with a semi-critical patient.

"For this journey, we did not turn on the siren because it could stress the patient.

"The Hilux suddenly came into our lane on the right even though he was not passing any cars in the middle lane," the video stated.

What is more frustrating was that the ambulance driver claimed to have seen three individuals in the Hilux laughing as he passed them at the end of the video.

The video garnered over 130,000 views with netizens irritated by the Hilux driver's selfishness.

"How can they just laugh? So disrespectful. Don't do it to others, because one day the same thing will happen to you or your family," @SuryzaNaz said.

Meanwhile, another user, @Helmi, hopes that the authorities can impose stricter laws against the driver.

"Establish more strict laws. There are too many cases involving drivers like this. Just look at the incident in Sarawak the other day, where a patient died," he wrote.

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