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#NSTviral: Netizens compare KTM sleeper coach design to 'cheap homestay' and 'old film set'

KUALA LUMPUR: Netizens have slammed the Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTM) sleeper coach interior design.

Facebook user, Eddie Putera has questioned the national commuter company's consultant that is responsible for the design as he pointed out some of the complacency shown on a few images that he uploaded on his account.

"Who is the design consultant for KTM? Come on, bro, it's already 2024, bro.

"This design is like what the new rich ladies would want in the 80s. The colour scheme is like the homestay of Cik Peah in Rombau.

"The trash bin in the toilet looks like an afterthought. Did they just buy it from a two-dollar shop or what?" he said.

In his comment section, the social media platform users also jumped on the bandwagon, some of them even correlating some of the furniture and materials used for bed settings to their elder relatives' house.

User, Nadiah Azizan said the bedsheet shown on the picture uploaded by Eddie Putera reminds her of her grandmother's settings back in her hometown.

"The bedsheets though, they look like what my grandma had when she got married ages ago," said Nadiah Azizan.

Another user, Rizal Wazir said that the design looked like an old film where the antagonist crossed the Siberian borders during the Soviet era.

"The management of KTM is really outdated. Just take a look at the waiting room in KL Sentral... it's so bad even for the expensive class tickets. Haha.

"They should be ashamed compared to Indonesia's trains," user Arif Eddy said.

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