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#NSTViral: Teen's emotional response at brother's wedding goes viral

MELAKA: "I felt emotional since the wedding ceremony, and I couldn't control my feelings. I cried when shaking hands with Aish on the bridal stage".

Ryan Nur Arief Abdullah, 14,garnered attention from netizens after a video of him crying at the dining table while his third brother, Muhammad Fariez Aiman, 21, was getting married, went viral on TikTok.

"I'm happy for Aish starting a new life, but I also feel sad because I feel like I'm not just losing a brother, but also a close friend since childhood," he said.

The video, shared by his brother-in-law, Mohammad Mahsus Harman, also known as Che Mat Solar, made netizens emotional and empathetic towards Ryan Nur Arief's feelings at Muhammad Fariez Aiman's wedding.

Sharing his story, Ryan Nur Arief said he is the youngest of five siblings and admitted to being very close to Muhammad Fariez Aiman, fondly known as Aish, even sleeping together in the living room since he was five years old.

He said their close sibling relationship made him sad, causing him to lose control of his emotions at the wedding ceremony held on February 24 at the bride's family home in Tanjung Minyak.

"It's not that I don't like or I'm not happy about Aish getting married. I'm happy for his marriage and always pray for his happiness, but as a close brother, I feel sad because it feels like losing a good friend.

Aish treats me well and always treats me to food when he gets his salary. We also often argue, but our relationship is good. That makes me sad, especially now that he's moving out and living with his wife," said Ryan, who lives in Cheng here.

He said the emotional feeling started at the solemnization ceremony in the morning, and he broke down in tears when shaking hands with Muhammad Fariez Aiman at the bridal stage, continuing at the dining table.

"I didn't realise there was a video recording of me crying at the ceremony, and I felt embarrassed when the video gained attention on TikTok. However, I'm okay because it's my genuine feeling as a close brother to my brother," he said.

Meanwhile, his mother, Scha Sheikha, expressed gratitude and happiness in seeing the good and close relationship among all her children, acknowledging the strong bond between Ryan Nur Arief and Muhammad Fariez Aiman since childhood.

"They prefer to sleep in the living room because it's spacious, besides the fact that the rooms are full. Their relationship is good, and his brother likes to tease him every day, but when Ryan (Ryan Nur Arief) invites him to go to the store, his brother always follows.

At first, I thought Ryan was fine, but I noticed he was sitting somewhat far away at the solemnization ceremony. I didn't expect him to cry when shaking hands on the bridal stage and when his brother kissed him, he burst into tears," she said.

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