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#NSTviral: Good Samaritans unite to move Axia blocking RapidKL bus route

KUALA LUMPUR: An irresponsible driver parking at a road curve not only led to a significant traffic jam but also inconvenienced a group of Good Samaritans, who had to lift and move a car.

A video shared by a netizen in the Facebook group 'Komuniti Bandar Tasik Selatan – Sungai Besi' captured a RapidKL bus unable to manoeuvre around a bend as a Perodua Axia was blocking its way.

This led to eight individuals working together to carefully lift and move the car to the sidewalk, creating more space for the bus to make the turn.

They first lifted and moved the rear of the car, then did the same with the front.

They also assisted the bus driver in completing the turn by guiding the driver to move forward without damaging the cars on either side of the road.

Many in the comments section criticised the Axia owner for being irresponsible and causing trouble for others.

@Akma M Zein commented: "Those who park there are causing trouble for others ... If it were me driving the bus, I'd just ram through, it is your problem if you park there, it is not a parking spot."

@Limabelashorsepower Limabelas jokingly commented: "If the Axia driver sees this, he probably won't dare to come and pick up his car."

@Ramlee Ismail suggested: "Why not ... just tow away vehicles parked like that... There are drivers who never consider the inconvenience to others."

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