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#NSTviral: Brother's well-prepared agreement on little brother's first day of school leaves netizens impressed [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A brother showed remarkable foresight in ensuring his younger sibling starts secondary school on the right foot.

He went the extra mile, meticulously drafted an agreement to guide his brother toward success in his new academic journey.In a viral TikTok post by user @insuranceagentadwin, the agreement was revealed, offering unique advice tailored to his brother's needs.

Titled "The First Day of School Agreement," the document outlined essential guidelines expected of a secondary school student embarking on adolescence.The terms included academic expectations such as passing all exams, attending classes regularly, and abstaining from harmful habits like smoking, vaping, and alcohol consumption. It also emphasized the importance of respectful behavior towards teachers and avoiding the use of profanity.

Explaining the rationale behind each rule, the brother emphasised the severe consequences of deviating from the agreement, which included forfeiture of family support and freedom.Additionally, the agreement touched on personal safety, including curfew times, helmet use while riding a motorbike, and caution regarding friendships.

The brother concluded by advising against rushing into romantic relationships, highlighting the need for emotional preparedness.

Netizens applauded the brother's thorough preparation and expressed admiration for his proactive approach to guiding his sibling.

While some acknowledged the difficulty in adhering to every rule, they commended the brother for his commitment to his sibling's well-being."I appreciate all your rules, but the last point is difficult to follow because love will teach us a big lesson in our life..experience is essential, brother," commented a netizen.

"Huge respect for you brother and the best agreement ever other family also should do," said another netizen.

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