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#NSTviral: Woman seen trying to pull out trapped snake in viral video [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A TikTok video featuring a woman's bold attempt to rescue a trapped snake in her house has gone viral.

Instead of calling the Fire and Rescue Department and waiting for the animal rescuers to arrive, @Aciklaksa decided to take matters into her own hands.

In the video, she can be seen trying to pull what looked like a python with its head stuck in a hole at the bottom of a bedroom door frame.

With a Hari Raya-themed song playing in the background, the woman, dressed in pyjamas, uses a towel to grab the snake's tail and struggles to pull it out a few times.

With a hint of humour, she says in the caption, "It is almost Hari Raya, and you (the snake) want to spend it at someone else's house."

Despite her efforts, she stumbles after multiple attempts, leaving the snake still trapped.

The video has since amassed nearly 900,000 views, with netizens praising her bravery in the face of danger.

@Roslisamsudin90 jokingly suggested, "You can use half of the snake to cook rendang for Hari Raya, half for goreng kunyit for today's breakfast."

@Pokwe said, "If it were me, you could just take my house and title deed inside the wardrobe, and I will set up a tent outside."

@aku_budak_sastera added, "If it were me, without reaching for the cloth to pull, I would have run away first."

It is not known what happened to the snake in the end or if the woman has managed to free it.

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