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A tech company aims to make digital transformation of companies easier with its Mobility-as-a-Service solutions

COMPANIES spend a lot of money on mobile devices and security solutions on their digital transformation journey, and sometimes they end up investing in the wrong solutions due to lack of experience in this area.

Seeing this problem, tech company Complete Human Network (CHN) has come out with a unique solution called Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), with the aim of providing businesses with greater access to new technologies and supplies. This, according to CHN, ensures continued operational efficiency across industries without compromising the eco-friendly standards that Malaysia aims to achieve moving forward.

CHN, founded by technopreneur Teh Chai Peng, has more than just one mission. Besides helping businesses go through digital transformation with less hassle, it also wants to promote green technology via the MaaS concept.

Her solution is simple — why buy and spend a lot of money maintaining devices when you can use them "as a service", hence the MaaS concept.

"MaaS solution allows businesses to install mobile devices without the fuss of owning and maintaining them. By implementing this solution, businesses can save more than 50 per cent of their total cost of ownership," said Teh.


Teh came up with the idea of starting CHN in 2012, but she definitely didn't start it out of nothing.

"It has always been my dream to start a company and CHN was founded at a time when digital transformation was taking form. I wanted technology to be easily accessible to everyone, especially businesses, so that they could yield better staff productivity, grow customer reach and strengthen the bottom line at minimal operational costs. That is why I established CHN as a purpose-built mobile-first company," said the Taiping-born businesswoman, who has a Bachelor of Business (Information Processing) degree from Curtin University.

She started CHN only after gaining many years of experience in the local tech industry, working for international companies like ExxonMobil as a system engineer, Oracle as a pre-sales engineer, IBM as the director of partner development Asean and country software manager, IBM Malaysia as general manager of financial services, and Avaya Malaysia as the country managing director for Malaysia and Brunei.

Teh said that the journey of digital transformation was difficult and could be very expensive, especially when a company made an unnecessary turn if it was not familiar with the technology.

"As a purpose-built Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EmaaS) provider, we are not only skilled in technology, we have also developed a proven methodology from years of service implementation in various industries. We want to be a reliable technology partner for businesses, we want the market to see us as an expert in the digital and mobility space," said Teh, adding that CHN is able to add value to company mobility solutions by offering mobile security solutions that comply with regulatory standards of data protection for a variety of corporate environments.

To achieve this, the company has teamed up with technology partners such as Apple, VMWares, MobileIron, Microsoft, Samsung and more.

"We also offer end-to-end device life cycle management and services for clients to minimise the complexity of digital transformation. Mobility and security are becoming more like utilities, (so) provisioning these two together is essential to meet customers' needs," she said.

Today, CHN's solutions include installation service, device customisation, device management, and mobile threat defence management, which means an in-house IT team is not necessary.

"A complete device life cycle management would also be provided, ensuring that all used devices will be reconfigured and prepared for a second life cycle. Partnering with Apple has allowed us to manage more than 100,000 Apple devices for enterprises throughout the years without any shortage of physical components and parts," said Teh.


Mobile devices have become a necessity for most people. However, the current purchase trend of mobile devices is not sustainable for the environment, evident in last year's collection of 2,283.7 tonnes of electric and e-waste by the Environment Department (DoE).

Teh said the EmaaS solution model is effective in curbing the negative impacts of device purchasing.

"All devices purchased by CHN will be maintained regularly for optimum performance. Devices that are outdated will be sold as second-hand devices or be sent for the extraction of precious metals and reusable parts. Enterprises would also have the choice to buy back the devices once the contract finishes," she explained.

"The world is on high alert due to e-waste polluting the air, land and water with its toxic chemicals when it is disposed of in landfills. Customer purchasing trends are also ever-changing with most opting for premium experiences and products at affordable prices. As an avid believer in the convenience and innovation that technology offers, our aim as a purpose-built mobile-first company is to supply businesses with EmaaS solutions that would be sustainable for both the entrepreneurial and natural ecosystem. Through our solution, we have helped names such as eTiQa and Astro to achieve digital adoption and enhance service delivery to their clients," she said.

CHN is currently managing over half a million devices with a team of 30. Some of its key customers include Petronas, Malaysia Airlines, Maybank, eTiqa Insurance, Astro, Tenaga Nasional, F&N, Uniqlo and Shopee.

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