#Showbiz: Ruhainies 'pixelated' in Ramadan commercial

KUALA LUMPUR: A Korean beauty product brand has made an effort to distance itself from troubled actress Ruhainies who has been featured in one of its Ramadan commercials.

Ads featuring the Kitsui Malaysia video commercial featuring Ruhainies together with singer Wany Hasrita and actor Hisyam Hamid were seen accompanied by disclaimers.

The company also issued a statement on the matter via its various social media accounts.

"In conjunction with the month of Ramadan, Kitsui humbly apologises over any inconvenience caused especially with our post that involved a famous local artiste.

It added that the selection of the three celebrities for the Kitsui Ramadan Greetings and Kitsui Raya campaigns were finalised and carried out in October of 2023.

"In relation to the khalwat case involving one of the artistes, Kitsui hopes this will not affect the screening of the commercials since the filming was completed in December of 2023 with the help of 100 employees and production crew," it said.

The company also clearly stated that it "did not support any parties who behaved badly or in a controversial manner".

"Kitsui also takes the opportunity during this holy month to donate a portion of our profits to those in need especially to the orphanages," it added.

The exercise in damage control also saw the latest video of the commercial in question featuring pixelated images of Ruhainies. 

The edited video clip, which had garnered close to 50,000 views at the time of writing, saw the comments section filled with many in agreement with the company's decision to censor the artiste.

It was earlier reported that a married celebrity and his partner, an actress, were arrested for khalwat after being accused of being together at a luxury condominium.

Following the incident, Aliff and Ruhainies each reportedly promised to provide further explanations regarding the controversy.

Previously, through Instagram posts, Aliff claimed that the enforcement officer's arrest report was exaggerated and too speculative compared to the actual story.

However, Aliff reportedly admitted that he understood the perception that arose because of what happened, which could raise suspicions that could lead to defamation.

Both Aliff and Ruhainies have since released their official statements on the whole matter online.

Bella, whose full name is Dayang Nabellah Awang Astillah had filed for divorce from Aliff Aziz at the Federal Territory Syariah Court in Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

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