#Showbiz: 'Ruhainies emotionally affected, but she's innocent', says best friends of controversial actress

KUALA LUMPUR: Two good friends of Ruhainies, known as Zahar and Fyzal, claim that the controversial actress' emotions were affected due to the khalwat (close proximity) incident involving fellow artiste Aliff Aziz recently.

Zahar, or Azahr Aziz, claimed that Ruhainies demeanour has changed after being embroiled in the sordid controversy.

"Ruhainies is okay and still working as usual but she is very quiet nowadays.

"As friends, we advised Ruhainies not to read any of the comments (from netizens on social media). Because of that, she has disabled the comments section.

"However, Ruhainies knows what's going on. We are also distressed to see the amount and intensely negative comments on social media," he said in a news report today.

The two were met at an iftar event with celebrity Izzue Islam in Shah Alam last night.

Claiming to be friends with Ruhainies for the past nine years, Zahar believes that the actress is innocent.

"We were very surprised to hear the news that she had been arrested. It is impossible for Ruhainies to do such a thing.

"She is good, polite and gentle. She's not what people have made her out to be. We don't want to comment on the rest of it because we were not at the location when the incident happened," he said.

Meanwhile, Fyzal denied that he and Zahar were Ruhainies personal assistants who were allegedly with the celebrity couple on the night of the incident.

"It is understood that there was another individual, Ruhainies' personal assistant, who accompanied them. But it is believed that the person had to turn back to pick up a shirt," he said.

On March 9, reports of Ruhainies and Aliff's arrest by Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) officers on allegations of khalwat became the talk of the town.

Ruhainies and Aliff have since apologised individually for the entire debacle.

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