#Showbiz: 'I'm not pregnant, just that I've put on 15kgs' - Diana Danielle

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress and singer Diana Danielle dispelled rumours that she is currently pregnant and attributed her gain in weight to eating.

"I know I sound self-important by saying this but I don't want to have more children. It's not because I don't appreciate rezeki but at the age of 30 now, I've had enough," she said in a Harian Metro report today.

The 33-year-old actress, whose full name is Diana Danielle Danny Beeson, added that she is more comfortable in life now that her two children are capable of managing themselves.

"I started working full-time when I was a teenager and had children in my twenties. Now my children are grown and my career is also stable.

"I'm still a mother, but the children are old enough to go to school. So, now I can manage my affairs and be with them after school.

"Why would I want to go back to changing diapers, breastfeeding, not sleeping, and all that? This is just my personal choice and if other people want to have more children, then I'd support their choice, but it's not for me," she said.

Diana added that her weight gain of 15kgs was the result of having a housemaid who is also a good cook.

However, she doesn't care about her weight gain and is not ashamed of her current appearance.

"Don't make any assumptions that I'm pregnant even though I've gained 15kgs. I know it's pregnancy weight, but the real reason is that I have a housemaid who is very good at cooking.

"Every time I come home there is always delicious food. So, I don't realise I'm gaining weight even though my pants and shirts are quite tight now," she said.

Diana tied the knot with actor Farid Kamil on Nov 3, 2012. They have two children, Muhammad, 10, and Nur Aurora, 8.

However, Diana and Farid got divorced at the Petaling Lower Syariah Court in Subang Bestari, Selangor on Aug 10 last year, but reconciled a month later.

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