#Showbiz: Staying together in a negative relationship is worse than divorce, hints Diana Danielle

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and actress Diana Danielle hints that married couples should not just stay together for the sake of the children.

If they stay together, they should try to make things work between them or else it would be a much worse situation for the children.

The popular artiste uploaded an Instagram Story yesterday illustrating that.

The post featured a video reel of an American celebrity doctor explaining divorce, troubled relationships, and their impact on children.

The said physician was Dr Daniel Gregory Amen, a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist as well as a director of the Amen Clinics in the US.

In the video, Amen said: "Divorce is not good for the child, but staying in a chronically unhappy, conflicted, and negative relationship is worse."

"Don't just 'stay together for the children', fix the relationship between each other. It doesn't mean anything if the kids see both parents completely miserable."

Diana married actor Farid Kamil in 2012.

They divorced on Aug 10 of last year but reconciled on Aug 31.They have two children, namely Muhammad, 11, and Aurora, nine.

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