#Showbiz: No bariatric surgery for Diana Danielle

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Diana Danielle will not and refuses to undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight despite being offered to do so.

The 33-year-old artiste, whose full name is Diana Danielle Danny Beeson, admits that she is gaining weight now but she doesn't feel the need to undergo the surgery.

"I received a message from a doctor offering a bariatric surgery procedure. However, I did not accept it because it's not that I can't lose weight, it's just that I don't want to.

"My weight is not in the critical category. The doctor told me that the surgery would be done for free.

"At that time I felt like, 'was I really fat?' I wondered why I was offered the procedure since I'm just 'chubby' and not a suitable candidate," she said in a Harian Metro report today.

Diana added that although bariatric surgery was an easy way to lose weight, there could also be certain side effects in the future, so it should be done by those who really need it for health reasons.

"Perhaps for some people it is an easy way but there are more serious implications later, especially when we are still young, we still have a long way to go.

"When people say they have torn their stomach (surgery), we won't know what will happen in the future. Everyone has different conditions (body types).

"For example, if the person's body is not too big, I think there are still a safer ways than this. However, if it is done for health reasons, it is necessary but if you just want to be thin, there are healthier ways," she said.

Although Diana is on a mission to lose weight due to work demands, she is actually quite comfortable with her current physique. 

She also believes that she can lose weight naturally.

"For me, if we know how to lose weight, the process doesn't take long. Just take care of what you eat, always be active and get enough sleep.

"We have to refrain from eating sweet foods, people say that it's not something that's very difficult to do," she said.

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