Singer Ezlynn opens up on husband's second marriage to 26-year-old doctor [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Ezlynn revealed that she is now in a polygamous marriage after her husband, Wan Mohd Hafizam, married a 26-year-old doctor in Perlis last March.

Ezlynn, whose real name is Azline Ariffin, 42, said her status has also changed to the first wife after Wan Hafizam divorced his two previous wives.

" I issued a statement to find a co-wife for my husband but couldn't find a candidate. He eventually searched for one himself, and I think it's good because it suits his taste.

"We were introduced by my husband during a 'get to know' session. I put a condition on my husband not to interfere with my activities on social media because it's a platform for business and so on.

"People like to see the activities and personal lives of artists there. My husband can accept this request," she said.

The Hi Hi Bye Bye singer married Wan Mohd Hafizam, who is also the country's first liver donor, on September 11, 2021.

Ezlynn then came forward to announce her intention to seek a co-wife or 'new wife' for her husband once again to complete four as her share for the hereafter.

"My rationale for finding a wife for my husband is that I am a busy person with work. Going on long trips makes me feel uneasy and restless.

"At the very least, having a wife to take care of things makes it easier, and I can focus on my work. If he doesn't behave well, it's better to get married. We will also receive blessings, rewards, and sustenance.

"It can't be denied that there are women who are angry with me, but I tell them that my husband doesn't belong to me alone. It is the right and possession of Allah. If this can harmonise things, that's good. If not, find another best solution," she said.

Ezlynn was previously married to Adam Fahmy, her former personal manager, on November 20, 2011, but divorced on October 23, 2017.

She said, after four years solo, she heard a religious lecture that touched her heart.

"The ustaz said, women can easily enter heaven by being obedient wives. That's why I made this decision, including polygamy.

"But polygamy is not for all women. If the wife cannot accept it, don't because it will affect the wife and children mentally.

"I told my husband to rotate between us every seven days. Initially, it was three days of rotation, but it was also pitiful because my co-wife lives in Perlis.

"InshaAllah, I will move to Changlun, Kedah when all matters involving the house with my ex-husband are settled," she said.

In other developments, Ezlynn, along with Che Ta, Adrea Abdullah, Nor Azifah, Emma Akma, and Salman JKKK will be involved in the Bujang Lapok Street Raya Bazaar organised by Seniman at the KL Gateway shopping center from March 22 to April 7.

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