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#NSTviral: Couple proves 32-year age gap no barrier to love and happiness

KUALA LUMPUR: Regularly mistaken for father and daughter, a husband and wife with a 32-year age gap prove that one could still find love and live happily.

Sharing their love story on social media, TikTok user, Nashkay-SitiNurNashrah said they had been together for 12 years.

"Our age gap is 32 years, but that doesn't stop our love for each other. Alhamdulillah, it's been almost 12 years since we got married, we are blessed with two children – a prince and a princess.

"I hope our love continues till the end. I love you," said the wife, known only as Nash, in a video posted in November last year.

Nash is 30 years old, while her husband is 62.

Asked on her parents' reaction towards the marriage, Nash in a separate video said that while her mom was supportive, her father, however, was against her decision.

"My husband tried really hard to convince her that he could take good care of me, so she's okay. My mom is quite supportive.

"But my dad was against it then, but he's okay now since we have been married for 12 years," she said, adding that her husband was a widower with nine children when they first met.

Nash denied that financial gain had any role in their marriage and claimed that an older man was more likely to value her presence.

"Older men appreciate you more. They are patient, calm and easy to discuss with," she said.

Nash also refuted the negative remarks that women who married older men would have a tougher time having children.

"Is it? Let me introduce you to my prince and princess, another girl is coming," she said.

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