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#NSTviral: How a singer outsmarted a locked door with a crane! [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: If you were locked out of your home, would you call a locksmith or try to break into your home yourself?

Well, Tammy Ng, a singer and performer based in Selangor, opted for an unconventional solution: Hire a crane.

The incident happened when Ng, who lived on the fourth floor of an apartment in Batu Caves, realised upon returning home that her electronic door lock was malfunctioning.

Unfortunately, she had left her master key inside her unit.

After consulting with a locksmith and being told that the only way to resolve the issue was to break the door, Ng abandoned the plan.

Breaking the door was one option, but she would then have to replace the expensive fire-rated door and the damaged anti-theft electronic lock, which would cost RM3,000.

It was time to roll out Plan B. While mulling over a better solution, an idea finally hit Ng. She was inspired after she saw someone using a crane near her home to cut trees along the road.

She then hired a crane driver for RM500, a tiny sum compared to the initial RM3,000 cost.

In the four-minute video, she got into the crane man's basket with the driver's help.

In just a short time, she was seen hopping into her home via the balcony and gleefully waving to the anticipating crowd below.

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