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#NSTviral: Kuantan school celebrates headmistress's retirement with travel-inspired grandeur [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A headmistress at a primary school in Kuantan experienced a heartwarming moment as her school celebrated her retirement with a grand ceremony centred around her beloved hobby - travelling.

Through a TikTok video posted by @rumoh.kome, their headmistress, who has a passion for travelling, inspired the school to organise a retirement party with a travel theme.

The video beautifully captures a memorable travel experience, showcasing an airport with a captivating big screen in the main hall displaying the flight schedule.

The teachers were dressed in uniforms resembling flight attendants and pilot captains.

Some students showcased their creativity by simulating the use of airbags as flight attendants in an aeroplane.

A simulated video was also showcased, depicting an aeroplane taking off with the headmistress' retirement ceremony attendees.

During the ceremony, a group of students made a grand entrance, wheeling in a trolley reminiscent of flight attendants on an aeroplane.

The students graciously offered the guests and teachers bottled mineral water and peanut packets.

The school's event was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship and support from the school's board and parent-teacher association (PTA).

"SJKC has two primary funds: the PTA and Board Members. The parents also provide financial aid and assistance.

When asked about the cost of the ceremony, TikTok owner @rumoh.kome answered: "We have a lot of sponsorship. Alhamdulilah, the teachers didn't fork out any money. "

As the video was about to end, just before they said their goodbyes, the headmaster and other teachers were joyfully lifted into the air by a skylift adorned with vibrant balloons.

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