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#NSTviral: 'My 'Panther' has allowed me to see harmony of the Malaysian people'

KUALA LUMPUR: A motorcyclist recently shared a story that highlighted the harmony among different races in the country after his motorcycle broke down during a leisurely ride from Changkat to Ban Pecah.

Facebook user, Norul Ridzuan Zakaria Din, said the incident occurred last Sunday, just three weeks after purchasing his Suzuki Panther motorcycle.

"After spending about one hour in Ban Pecah, I decided to head back home.

"The fuel gauge is inaccurate. But I wasn't worried because a few days before, I filled the fuel tank to the brim.

"Furthermore, nobody else rides the Panther except for me. My son has his own Yamaha R25 motorcycle; he can't possibly borrow my Panther.

"However, about seven kilometres away before reaching Simpang Empat Semanggol, the motorcycle suddenly sputtered and eventually stalled.

"I was shocked to discover that the fuel tank was empty," he shared in a Facebook posting.

Stranded on Jalan Gula, the rider said he had no choice but to dismount and push his machine towards the nearest petrol station in Simpang Empat Semanggol - a challenging 6-kilometre journey.

Norul said four passing motorcyclists, carrying some fishing gears, were seen headed in the same direction.

However, despite having the means to assist, they continued on their way.

Not long after that, a Chinese lady on a small motorcycle approached from the opposite direction. She was accompanied by a young child.

Initially, Norul said he did not anticipate any help from her.

To his surprise, she made a U-turn and stopped beside his Panther.

"You mau pi kedai minyak ka? (Do you want to go to the gas station), the female motorcyclist asked.

Norul answered, "yes".

"Banyak jauh la itu kedai minyak (the gas station is very far)." she said.

"Saya tau, tapi tak pa. Saya tolak pelan-pelan nanti sampai la (I know, but it's okay. I'll push slowly and eventually will arrive)." he replied.

"Tak pa, you tunggu sini, saya pi beli minyak (Its okay. You wait here and I'll go buy some fuel)."

Expressing gratitude but declining her offer, Norul insisted that she proceed with her journey.

Undeterred, the female rider insisted on helping and promised to fetch the fuel. Left with no choice, the Norul agreed, and she quickly sped off towards Simpang Empat Semanggol.

The rider, overwhelmed by her kindness, could only express his thanks as he continued pushing his motorcycle.

Moments later, another motorcyclist, this time an Indian youth, approached and offered to assist.

Appreciative of the offer, Norul accepted and informed the man that the female rider had already gone to fetch fuel.

Shortly thereafter, the female rider returned with a one-litre bottle of fuel.

Grateful for the assistance, the rider decided to express his appreciation with a small gesture, offering the female rider RM5.

"In the midst of the division among the people these days... My Panther has allowed me to see the harmony of the Malaysian people." he said.

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