#Showbiz: Diana and Farid reconciling a month after divorce

KUALA LUMPUR: Celebrity couple Farid Kamil and Diana Danielle have confirmed that they are working towards getting back in a relationship following their divorce a month ago.

In a Harian Metro report yesterday, the 32-year-old actress said that the two will be heading over to the Syariah Court to register their rujuk (reconciliation) process as soon as possible.

"We will be going to court soon but all of that has to be done following a process and cannot simply be rushed since I'm still going through 'edah' (waiting period for woman after death of or divorce from spouse).

"We still have time. It's not that I don't want to announce 'rujuk' but this matter involves a court process," she said.

The two celebrities were seen happily together during the Karnival Mega Suria FM event at Padang Timur in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, yesterday.

Talking further on the matter, Diana revealed that the two were still in the phase of improving themselves and looking for the best way to mend the fractured household.

"We never stopped praying for our relationship and we also don't know if this was the end since everything is decided by God.

"We are currently looking for the best course to chart our life. We intend to rebuild what we had prior to this.

"However, I don't want to talk too much about this matter because we need to have privacy in our relationship," she said.

When asked about her hopes, Diana said she wishes for their relationship to endure for the sake of their two young children.

Diana added that she was very happy to know that Farid has continued to be the best father to their kids.

"I grew up without the love of a father. I don't want my children to go through the same thing.

"What's important is that the kids receive the love of a father. That is the greatest gift for me," she said.

Farid, 42, who accompanied her during the event did not say anything as he had lost his voice for the past few days.

However, the actor was able to whisper into Diana's ear to convey his message that they had not stopped praying for a positive solution following their troubled marriage before this.

Farid and Diana tied the knot on Nov 3, 2012, and are blessed with Muhammad, 10, and Nur Aurora, 8.

Many were shocked when the couple were legally divorced after Farid pronounced 'talak' satu against Diana at the Petaling Syariah Lower Court in Subang Bestari, Selangor, on Aug 10.

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