#Showbiz: Muaz had no intention of destroying Bella and Aliff's household

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Muaz Zabir has admitted his mistake following claims that he and married actress Bella Astillah were in a previous relationship.

With no intention to destroy another person's household, Muaz explained that the relationship was deliberately created to attract the attention of Bella's husband, Aliff Aziz.

"I won't deny that what Bella said is true. We indeed had a meeting.

"This ended last year. We agreed with Bella and Aliff's families to 'move on' from what had happened.

"At first, I was just a listener to Bella's complaints. I was told that Bella wanted to make Aliff jealous.

"As a friend, I want to help Bella. I had no intention of ruining other people's households.

"It's my fault. Bella's family is not at fault and they don't know. It's better if I keep quiet.

"I had no intention of getting involved. I felt sorry for Bella about what happened," said Muaz in an interview with TV3's entertainment programme Melodi, yesterday.

The 27-year-old actor added that the ongoing controversy also provided valuable lessons for him.

"This story puts a lot of pressure on me and Bella herself. I can't stop society's perception, it is their right since it's my mistake.

"I learn from my mistakes and will not run. I am truly sorry to my family and Bella's. Pray for me to be better," he said.

The accusation of a scandal between Muaz and Bella arose following a recent post from a TikTok user, identified as @edisiumat, that contained several screenshots of their conversation and photos.

The relationship between the two is alleged to have been going on since October last year and they often shared photos daily in the messages they sent.

Bella later explained that their relationship was just a ploy to make her husband jealous.

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