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#NSTviral: Viral video of beggar's alleged attempt to open car door alarms netizens [Watch]

KUALA LUMPUR: A video capturing an incident in Banting, Selangor, where a beggar appeared to be attempting to open a vehicle door, sparked concern among netizens.

The incident was recorded by the owner of the vehicle and uploaded on the X platform @MALAYSIAVIRALLL on Tuesday.

"Scary, why is the Rohingya holding onto the car door for so long?" the caption reads.

The uploader further speculated that the beggar may be a man disguising himself as a woman to garner sympathy.

"If you observe the face and hands, they look like a man, and there's 'something' on the chest.

"He (the beggar) is unaware that there's someone in the car because of the tinted windows. Location: Banting," it adds.

In the 17-second video, the beggar is seen wearing a headscarf and a face mask.

The video also clearly shows the person's right hand gripping the car door.

The post become a topic of discussion among netizens.

"The face looks like a man even though wearing a face mask, and the chest looks strange like something is placed there," says user @NorzyAhmad.

Meanwhile, @Alfie advised residents around Banting to be more cautious in the area.

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